By: Alejo Mo-Sun
CEO of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about to impact millions of jobs. Lawyers, Nurses, Uber Drivers, Insurance Agents, Meter Maids etc. Hundreds of industries will feel a massive shift in job placement.  But here’s what you haven’t heard about – AI is about to help all of us unplug and connect to our humanity like never before.

The Chief of Daimler-Benz recently said about lawyers; “In the US, young lawyers already don’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans.” He went on to say “So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% less lawyers in the future, only specialists will remain.”

So what are these law students to do as the economy literally transforms? Relax. This transformation is in fact a maturation and we are about to witness the creation of an economy around “doing what you love.” That’s right, AI will birth an economy around humankind’s inherent desire to adventure and connect.

The Birth of Adventure Economics.  

As AI takes over easily automated and repetitive jobs, the shift from an economic model which transacted time for labor will move into a model that transacts connection through adventure. “Adventure Economics.” So, the question is how are we going to earn our living?  The answer, by doing what we love.

Earn Your Living Adventuring

Group adventures are the ultimate social currency in our Facebook and Instagram worlds. The greater the adventure the greater the social value in our digital hierarchy. This “social currency” around one’s adventures can even help differentiate potential relationship partners.

Adventures in groups help meaningful connections take root. They connect us to our human experience through dynamic and memorable activity.  Adventures not only make you feel alive, reward you financially, but also gives you that social currency that is so precious in our modern digital value systems.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at your Facebook feed. Every picture is of a group in a some wild and crazy adventure.

Now imagine getting paid to adventure. Or better yet, earn enough income on a daily basis to support your family and your lifestyle through the act of adventuring and connecting to others.  Imagine a platform where you could earn money doing what you love every day.   Well, that’s what we here at ItsCoastal have created. We have set up a marketplace for you to earn a living doing what you love.

Hiking or Camping or a Yoga Retreat

Whether a weekend “Hiking” or  a week long Yoga Retreat, or just a day out paddle boarding, you can now transact your favorite adventure on ItsCoastal that makes sense in your day-to-day  life.  You may even earn more over a three day weekend than what you would’ve earned in an entire month.  More importantly A.I can’t take a bunch of adventure seeking friends on a camping adventure.

Here’s how you get started:

Step one:  Dream up an Exciting Adventure and transact it on is a marketplace where you can transact fun soaked adventures, yachts and coastal homes. That’s right. Adventures, Yachts, and Coastal Homes.


Let’s say Genevieve loves hiking. Well, now Genevieve can transact “Three Day Hiking Camp in Malibu” on Genevieve, puts up her hiking adventure which allows travelers from all around the world to come and hike with Genevieve for three days for a set price.

Include the Extras

Genevieve’s package offers a great breakfast on the beach and a bonfire dinner because even in the spaces between, we crave connection. That means that Genevieve can charge $195-295 per person for this three day excursion. She’s earning $6000 in three days doing what she loves.

Be Patient

This shift that AI will bring about won’t happen overnight – but it will happen much sooner than anyone thinks. So, be like Genevieve – build your foundation in Adventure Economics now and start transacting human connection.

7 Easy Steps to Transacting Adventures:

  1. Download the itsCoastal app:

  2. Answer “ what is your purpose” in your user profile.

  3. Ask yourself what do you love to do? What would you like to get paid for? And, what makes you fulfilled in your life?

  4. Create a draft of an Adventure in the app based on the above answers.

  5. Now detail and describe this adventure.

  6. Put a value to it. Whether it’s 100 dollars or 1000 dollars per person.

  7. Now hit publish! And, share with your network.

Before you know it you’ll be earning income doing what you love.

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