Luxury Yacht, Adventures and Coastal Properties Start Up takes on Cleaning the Oceans One mile at a time.

Larry Sandstone
SANTA MONICA, CA. UPDATED: February 24, 2017

Random call wakes me uncomfortably early at 10 AM. “Did you see that itsCoastal Spot?” Suffice it to say I don’t function without my morning bullet-proof java — so the answer was no. “Go check your email.”

Naturally, I did no such thing. Instead I stumbled over to my coffee maker and hit the grind button and flipped open Facebook as I do — and there it was. “Mothers of the Sea.”

“” a luxury real app that claims to be a global resource to BUY, SELL, or RENT your coastal home, yacht or adventure but here’s the part that caught my attention – their purpose is to “Live. Share. Protect.”

The “Live” part is easy enough – you can buy or sell yachts and homes on the elite Coastal shores around the globe.

The “Share” part was equally straight forward – rent homes and share adventures on a marketplace where you and I can upload whatever experience your peddling.

So, if I want to take people surfing for a weekend, or whale watching, or even yoga paddle boarding – I just upload my” “adventure” and boom – I have 8 million people worldwide booking a spot on my adventure and I’m earning bank! Naturally, I love the share.

Now onto the the “Protect” part, that’s the part that REALLY hooked me. These silicon super beach techies are aiming to clean “one mile of ocean per day.” A responsible tech company? Techies caring about the Ocean? Stop it. I love it.

And, as if that wasn’t enough – they’ve got a sick one-to-one point system they’re calling “itsCoastal Dollars.” Each dollar is the equivalent of one US dollar. So, I’m earning dollars every time I transact. Can’t get enough. And, the best part is that they’re working with various NGO’s to clean the ocean. Love when kids do good.

Nuff said. Check out their hysterical explainer vid at:


Download the iPhone app: