Why isn’t anyone really competing with Airbnb giant? Finally someone in the tech space has figured out what we’ve all been asking. Where’s the good old fashion bare knuckle brawl for online real estate dominance? I mean seriously look at Lyft versus Uber. Now there’s a proper scrape. But, for some mystical reason no one’s figured out how to take on tech real estate giant Airbnb in any formidable way.

Enter ItsCoastal.com. The Silicon Super Beach Execs have just launched a full service app that helps Real Estate Brokers and Consumers while making a significant social impact by pledging to help clean one mile of ocean per day. Oh, and get this, they’re giving you back a portion of their profits in the form of ItsCoastal Dollars. Think Amex points.

What does the ItsCoastal App do? You can list an activity for a traveling adventurer to book. You can buy, sell, rent, yachts or Coastal homes around the world and you can search in VR.

Seriously, love the adventures part. That means Ashton who lives in Malibu can list surf lessons and make bank! Or, a weekend doing paddle boarding yoga with Javier on the sand in Bondi Beach. Or, a sailing adventure with James! It never ends.

Plus, it’s a fantastic tool for realtors who are scrambling to get their listings up on the platform and take advantage of the millions of potential global buyers (eyeballs) with no upfront fees why wouldn’t you. Plus, ItsCoastal is only taking a fraction of the customary referral fees thereby putting more money in agents and brokers pockets while simultaneously giving users itsCoastal points that are one-to-one with a dollar!

That means when and if you sell your home, book that yacht or coastal vacation on itsCoastal you’ll likely have enough itsCoastal Points to fund the kids vacations for the next two years. C’mon I mean if the you can get the same house and wallet a bunch of points why wouldn’t you?

So…the question is why didn’t Airbnb think of all these features. The answer…is well…honestly Who The F&$K Cares (the title of ItsCoastal’s Hysterical explainer which has gone viral).

Our local Super Beach homegrown execs did it. So, good on ya! I hope you Davids give a little heck to those Goliaths!!

CHECK OUT itsCoastal’s Hysterical Explainer vid making fun of everything and themselves. Nuff said. Check out their hysterical explainer vid at:


Download the iPhone app: www.bit.ly/itsCoastalApp