ItsCoastal Cleans One Mile of Ocean Per Day

8 million metric tons of trash enters the sea from land every year. The equivalent of 5 plastic bags filled with trash for every foot of coastline around the world.

Across our ocean, plastic trash flows into circulation. Dispersed almost everywhere but concentrating in huge swats in the midst of global currents and ingested by marine animals. Over one million marine creatures, and other birds and animals die each year from plastic trash.

In order to solve the plastic pollution problem we need to rethink the whole system, and that is just what ItsCoastal and the Ocean Cleanup Project are doing.

ItsCoastal has just announced their newest initiative, the Coastal Consciousness project to help aid in cleaning our oceans. This is ItsCoastal’s way of celebrating their mission on a daily basis.

We live the lifestyle, we share the lifestyle and we need to Protect the lifestyle. This is our mission. ItsCoastal.

ItsCoastal believes that protecting the habitat we love and live in will not only lead to a happier life, but overall a happier earth. That is why ItsCoastal is proud to announce they will be standing behind the Ocean Cleanup Project.

ItsCoastal will be cleaning a mile at a time with the Ocean Cleanup project in hopes to help recover our world’s oceans. Our collective playground.

Join the ItsCoastal community and help us clean the oceans one mile at a time.​

Live. Share. Protect.


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