By Alejo Mo-Sun, CEO of

LOS ANGELES, CA May 3rd 2017

Group adventures are the ultimate social currency in our Facebook Instagram worlds. The greater the adventures the greater the social value in the hierarchy. This social currency around one’s adventures can even help differentiate potential relationship partners. Adventures with others help meaningful connections take root. They connect us to our humanity through dynamic and memorable activity.  I’ve coined a concept which combine these two ideas resulting in: “Adventure Economics.”

Adventure Economics or A.E. will not only make you feel alive, reward you financially, but also give you that social currency that is so precious in our modern value systems.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at your Facebook feed. Every picture is of a group of friends in a some wild and crazy adventure.  Adventure is the concept of getting paid to adventure – or even better – earning enough income on a daily basis to support your family and your lifestyle through the act of adventuring and connecting –  living a life of adventure – on a daily basis getting paid to be human.  Imagine a platform where you could transact your way of living.   Well, that’s what we here at ItsCoastal are about to help you do.

You Don’t Have to Live in A Van to Make Money Adventuring

There’s tons of examples of people taking to the road to live a life of adventure while shooting sexy Insta photos. Some of these adventurers even make money and sometimes they make even more money than they did in their  “9 to 5” jobs.  And, naturally the rest of us who aren’t as adventurous – eat it up as we seek a window into the lives of those who live the dream.

Unfortunately, not all of us can pull out of society and live in a van snapping sexy Insta photos. So what do the rest of us do? What is our answer?  What will we do if our Uber jobs go away? Can Adventure be a “9-5” business? The answer is yes!

After A.I. comes in and helps make life radically more efficient (think internet) we will finally be free to experience our Humanity and free to transact connection – I think this will in fact form an entire economy.  So, we here at have set up a marketplace for you to begin laying the foundations for your new future. The one where you get to earn a living doing what you love.  Adventuring and connecting to your dream of you and how you connect to others.

Hiking or Camping or a Yoga Retreat

Whether a weekend “Hiking” or  a week long Yoga Retreat, or a just a day out paddle boarding, you can now transact your favorite adventure on ItsCoastal that makes sense in your day-to-day  life.  You may even earn more over a three day weekend than what you would’ve earned in an entire month.

Step one:  Dream up an Exciting Adventure and transact it on is a marketplace where you can transact fun soaked adventures, yachts and coastal homes. That’s right. Yachts, Coastal Homes, And, Adventures.


Let’s say Genevieve loves hiking. Well, now Genevieve can transact “Three Day Hiking Camp in Malibu” on Genevieve, puts up her hiking adventure which allows travelers from all around the world to come and hike with Genevieve for three days for a set price.

Include the Extras

Genevieve’s package offers a great breakfast on the beach and a bonfire dinner because even in the spaces between we crave connection. That means that Genevieve can charge $195-295 per person for this three day excursion. She’s earning $6000 in three days doing what she loves.

Be Patient

This shift that AI will bring about won’t happen overnight. But just like Genevieve you can build your foundation in Adventure Economics to transact human connection.

7 Easy Steps to Transacting Adventures

  1. Download the itsCoastal app?

  2. Answer “ what is your purpose” in your user profile.

  3. Ask yourself what do you love to do? What would you like to get paid for? And, what makes you fulfilled in your life?

  4. Create a draft of an Adventure in the app based on the above answers.

  5. Now detail and describe this adventure.

  6. Put a value to it. Whether it’s 100 dollars or 1000 dollars per person.

  7. Don’t forget to confirm your email and upload a profile pic otherwise you can’t publish! Now hit publish!

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