The desire to travel is growing exponentially each year, and the demand for authentic local experiences is increasing too. So I have compiled a list of adventures you will not want to miss out on which can be accessed on the latest luxury travel app ‘itsCoastal’. These activity packed tours will have you feeling less like a tourist, and more like a local!

The best part about booking through itsCoastal is that with every transaction you make, you earn itsCoastal Dollars which are the equivalent to US Dollars! So if you can pocket more money through booking adventures, which you can spend on even more adventures, coastal homes and yachts, why would you book anywhere else?!

Check out my “favourite five” below:

1. Los Angeles: Wanderlusters Unite

This awesome 3 day adventure will have you feeling like a true Instagram blogger, so ditch the guide books and cruise the coast with some fellow wanderlusters. Over the 3 days, you will enjoy hiking, biking, eating and roller skating on the board walks of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, just like the locals. And the best part is, while you are enjoying all these activities, a celebrity photographer will be catching your best- and maybe your worst- moments so you can treasure the laughter and magic of the moment forever! Not only that, but a makeup artist will be on hand for small touch ups to have you looking your best.

Key Features:

  • Hiking Coral Canyon and Pacific Palisades
  • Eating in some secret hot spots in the likes of Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice.
  • Bike or roller skate down the Oceanside path.
  • Yoga stretching and light meditation on the beach.
  • Sunset photoshoot.

2. New York: Vogue Dance Workshop

If you want to learn the basics of Vogue dance style, then this adventure is perfect for you. Get familiar with New York history and get your workout while you are there. You will spend 1 hour learning the basics of Vogue dance style from the active members of voguing ballroom dance scene. You will walk away having learnt the precision, grace and style, in a routine taught by some of the best dancers!

3. Sydney: Bondi Beach Wellness Getaway

Heading to Australia? Bondi Beach is a must see! On this 3 day getaway you will meet like-minded people whilst soaking up the sun on Sydney’s most iconic beach. Discover the wonderful benefits of Pilates, chiropractic care, meditation, healthy eating and living from a local Aussie. Make the most of many activities such as surfing in the turquoise waters, or skateboarding around the 1km stretch of the coast.

4. Hawaii: Private Tour of Oahu

If you have always dreamt of living it up in paradise from a true Hawaiian perspective, well now you can! A local guide will make you feel part of their ‘ohana (family) with this private day tour, while supplying you with coconuts, fresh juices and pineapple!

Key Features:

  • Learning about Oahu’s nature, culture, history and food.
  • Visit picturesque parks, lookouts and temples.
  • Trek to Hanauma Bay and Makapuu lookout.

5. Miami: Flyboarding/ Jet Pack

Dare to try the latest craze in water sports? Certified trainers will have you swimming like a dolphin and flying like a bird in this exciting and new activity. You will spend the session training both on land and in the water, followed by flying all by yourself.

Now you might be thinking you can book flyboarding anywhere right? But remember, if you book through the itsCoastal app you will earn itsCoastal Dollars back which can be used on your next adventure!!

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